Please note that trial class places are subject to availability on the door and cannot be reserved. A place on the full course thereafter is not guaranteed, priority is given to those who pre-pay for the full course.

Trial classes are cash on arrival and can be attended as follows:

  • The FIRST class only of a Belly Dance Foundation/Level 1 course.
  • Any Dance-Fitness class as listed on the timetable.


All newcomers must complete a screening form before participation. If you pre-book any class you will be sent a form automatically, but if you intend to drop-in unannounced for a trial class, it is advisable to request a copy in advance and return a completed form no later than 24 hours before attendance (to allow for admin purposes). There are some cases where medical advice or consent must be sought before admittance to class, particularly if you are joining the Dance-Fitness sessions which are high-impact and very energetic, or if you are pregnant, have injuries, or medical conditions that may affect activity. It is therefore in your interest to request a copy in advance, alternatively please arrive ten minutes early so as to complete a copy on arrival.


Belly Dance: Please wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing suitable for exercise, preferably with an elasticated waist that can be worn on your hipline. Jeans, tight fixed waistbands and belts are unsuitable. Costumes are not worn in class, and there is no need to show your belly unless you wish to. You will dance barefoot, but may wear soft soled jazz or ballet shoes if you prefer, or if you have foot health problems in the interests of hygiene. Socks can be slippery so are worn at your own risk. If your class is in a dance studio please remove outdoor shoes before entering the studio.

Decade-Dance & Bollywood Dance-Fitness Classes: Please wear clothing suitable for energetic exercise and free movement, and bring clean trainers or similar dance shoes. Please note you may dance barefoot when the class is held in a dance studio, but it is recommended that you bring suitable footwear in case you need them as the floors are unsprung at some venues. If your class is in a dance studio please remove outdoor shoes before entering the studio.


As with all exercise, please consult with your doctor before starting classes if you have any health problems, injuries, take medication, or if you are or may be pregnant or have given birth in the last 12 months.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Those who wish to attend Belly Dance classes while pregnant or with injuries must present a doctor or midwife consent letter before being allowed to participate. The Dance-Fitness classes are high impact and energetic and are NOT recommended for those who may be pregnant or have injuries or health problems.

If you are unsure if you are fit to attend class at anytime, please contact Tina-Louise for advice or seek medical advice. Please do not attend if you are, or feel unwell. Allow AT LEAST one hour after eating before attending class. Absolutely no chewing gum or eating is permitted during the lesson.

Please bring bottled water with you.Work at your own pace, do not force movements you find uncomfortable and stop if you experience pain or feel unwell. Breathe normally and try to relax!


Please kindly:

  • Arrive on time. There is no admittance after the warm-up for safety reasons.
  • Wait for any previous class to exit the room before entering.
  • Turn off mobile phones and refrain from texting/checking during the class.
  • Do not eat or chew gum during the lesson.
  • Avoid chattering when instruction is being given.

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